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Based on GNU Project, GIMP is a digital retouching and photo editor released as free and open-source software. Created as a university exercise in 1995 by Spencer Kimball and Peter Mattis, the program has grown and been improved with multiple plugins and scripts, becoming a serious competitor for programs such as Adobe Photoshop.

Its easy-to-use interface and multiple tools are the perfect solution for all of those users afraid of big photo editor software. Rotate, resize, change colors, paint or even add some text over your pictures, and save them on one of the numerous formats GIMP works with. Once you feel comfortable with the basics, try downloading some plug-ins to increase your manipulation options.

All the necessary digital picture retouching tools included
All the necessary digital picture retouching tools included

How to Use

The GNU Project (acronym for “GNU’s not Unix”) was created as a mass-collaboration project to develop free software. Based on that open-source idea GIMP (General Image Manipulation Program) was created. Basically it works like Photoshop in every single sense: it process digital graphics and pictures and offers multiple tools for editing and retouching. But thanks to the free-software concept, its code is shared with the whole GIMP community, letting us create as many tools and plugins as we need. GIMPshop for example recreates Adobe’s Photoshop interface for all of you that don’t feel comfortable with the original. GIMP FX Foundy includes more than a hundred new effects for your photos; and GIMP Paint Studio has a bunch of new color palettes and brushes. All for free.

The multiple plugins and scripts makes GIMP a serious competitor for programs such Adobe Photoshop

This new 2.8.1 version was launched in different languages and with most of the bugs fixed. On the official website you can find tutorials and user FAQS, to help you to configure and learn all about the program. There is even a special plugin website where you can find all the user add-ons and templates to make your job easier. After a simple user registration process, all the products are able for download, along with easy download and installation explanations.

GIMP 2.8.10 Features

Here you have the newest features of version2.8.1:

  • Customizable editor interface. Set the view and GIMP’s behaviour to suit yourself
  • Fix your picture perspective, distortion, and lens tilts with GIMP’s corrective model
  • Eliminate vignetting and lens-barrel distortion with GIMP filters
  • All the necessary digital picture retouching tools included
  • Hardware support for all the video, audio and design tools you need
  • An open-source culture for plug-ins

For more information about the add-ons, please visit the GIMP plug-in registry .

System requirements

There are no specific requirements to run GIMP on a computer, just some guidelines:

  • Operating System: Windows 2000 or higher
  • RAM: at least 128 MB

Basically any computer able to run that operating system will be able to run GIMP.

Before the installation, please take a look at the developer’s website .

  • Easy to learn and to use
  • Full of apps and tools thanks to its open-source code
  • It’s completely free
  • Able to run on every single computer
  • Not as powerful as Photoshop
  • Site has a lot of bugs and crashes often

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